Laws of the Universe: How to Tap Into and Benefit From Universal Wisdom

Would you like to know how you can make your life better, even if your life is calm or going smoothly now?I believe at some level we would all like to know how we can improve upon our existence in some manner. I certainly would as I think about the age I am at in life and how much more I would like to accomplish, yet I have limitations due to current financial and health restrictions. I also see my family members who have health challenges and I want to be able to help them. I have a career as an educator and teacher that I would like to continue to nurture, and I have always found it has been natural for me to help others as I am one who can patiently guide the way through a learning process. I have a deep understanding about how adults learn, what motivates them, and how to nurture and encourage their progress.This year I have had an awakening, coming into a full realization of my connection to the source of life we are all connected to and it has helped me realize what I have felt inside all of my life. I now better understand that being a “sensitive” and “quiet” person really meant I was reflective in nature and I could easily listen, to myself and others. When I listen to others, it means I can sense what they are feeling, not just hear what they are saying, and I can even do this through electronic communication. This may sound odd but I have been teaching online for over 12 years and have learned to communicate in a virtual environment, which helped me take my ability to listen to an entirely new level.Every week I have had a specific question, something that has prompted me to listen for answers. This has helped to strengthen my connection to the source of life we are all part of and connected to. Since I do not have a religious perspective, and rejected religious dogma long ago, it is easy for me to settle in, relax, and focus on just listening for an answer. Several years ago, when I first discovered the Law of Attraction, I thought I was going to discover something magical, which would cause my life to suddenly change. I filled in blank checks, created vision boards, and was determined I was going to live my life a certain way.Did my life turn out the way that the Law of Attraction teachers said it would, after seven years of following their practices to the letter? The answer is no, and I became very good at following their practices. Does this mean I failed in some manner? No. Does this mean that the Law of Attraction failed in some manner? No. What is the problem? Well there is no problem, except in the teaching of it. If you follow the Law of Attraction teachers for some time, you generally see the same group of people, asking the same questions, time after time. The Law of Attraction teachers, especially one who is most prominent in teaching this subject, generally state the same thing, answer the questions in the same manner, and talk around complex subjects no matter how many times they are asked important questions.

This was important for me to experience as it pushed me to keeping searching and asking. I knew there was more involved as I felt it inside. I knew I had a stronger connection and understanding than I was being taught. I knew from my own practice I was able to access answers these Law of Attraction teachers were never stating. It was then I decided to take a first step and become a teacher myself. I do not yet know what form this will take, or what it is supposed to mean, but I will share with you what I am learning as I am seeking answers to questions I have along the way in my journey.In my last post I was asking about the meaning of tragic loss, and I learned about mankind being challenge oriented, which makes sense to me. Some of the greatest ideas, innovations, and solutions, have come from challenges. This time I wanted to know about how to tap into this wisdom to help myself and others. I also decided I wanted to clarify the wording used. The Law of Attraction teachers call it “Source Energy” and “Infinite Intelligence”, although the latter phrase has been in use since Napoleon Hill in the early 1900s.I have decided upon Universal Wisdom as it is Higher Order Collective Consciousness, the wisdom of all mankind, stored in Endless Energy, which we all have access to if we are willing to sit and listen. It can come to you through quiet thoughts, ideas, insight, creativity, and inspiration. This is what I have learned about tapping into and benefitting from Universal Wisdom.A universal truth is this: The mind of a man or a woman is the living connection between his or her existence and Endless Energy, which emanates Higher Order, Universal Wisdom. It is this connection which mankind, through organized religion, has named a soul – in an attempt to describe how human existence could be connected to non-human existence. But to call it a soul makes it sound as if it resides on its own and acts on its own, which is purely a work of fiction.It is the mind of a human which transmits and receives at frequencies so high and so subconscious, both at the same time, that life flows to and from these signals. These signals come as thoughts, ideas, impulses, and inspiration – whenever a man or woman seekers knowledge or wisdom, this is how it flows to him or her.Seeking a Connection to Universal WisdomThere are those who seek to know how this connection works, how to better access Universal Wisdom, and how it may be possible to benefit from it. Those are usually the teachers and the seeks of knowledge who live an enlightened state.Being enlightened is not magical. It does not equate to wealth or power, or even perfect health. It does mean the seeker has established a peaceful existence with self, even if the body is imperfect. Mankind is challenge oriented and health challenges are not different, they are pre-planned and created to prompt a person to seek answers, as part of their journey to enlightenment.A path to enlightenment is a path to self-actualization, an awakening to one’s self and one’s truth. Some people, in fact many people, plan for their entire life to be a series of steps to enlightenment. Very few people want to arrive in a physical existence fully aware, all-knowing, and living their truth without any challenges. That would leave no lessons to be learned, no reason to call upon, access, and use knowledge from Universal Wisdom. A human’s existence is usually meant to be imperfect, to be the contrast needed to sustain the world and balance the energy source.The Quest for Knowledge: How it BeginsSo then some seekers of knowledge, and answers to life, gradually come into their truth, realizing the fallacy of religion, and they begin to experience life in new ways. They seek other teachers to help understand what they are experiencing, seeking explanations for what they are feeling, and a desire to learn how to continue to evolve. They begin to understand in time that they too are the source of life and connected to Endless Energy.Accessing Universal WisdomAnyone can access Universal Wisdom, the highest form of Endless Energy, the Higher-Order Wisdom from a Collective Consciousness. It is a matter of tuning in with intention and purpose. A teacher of Laws of the Universe is someone who can listen, and is able to quickly set aside all other thoughts in their mind, and trust that the thoughts or impulses being received as transmissions from Higher Order, Collective Consciousness are not of their own, but in fact are coming from another source. This takes practice, it requires suspending self-doubt, and it necessitates having a neutral mindset, one that does not judge any subject but allows information or thought forms to come through.A teacher will usually write or in time speak as focused thoughts come through. Writing is the best medium as the writer will usually not remember everything once coming out of a state of focused thought.Some people use the word meditation but it is really focused thinking. Starting with a question is helpful as it provides a launching point for focus, as Universal Wisdom is so vast and deep – without a starting point it would be challenging to receive a strong set of ideas or block of wisdom.Those who seek knowledge are the ones who find it in Universal Wisdom. Accessing Universal Wisdom is usually a gradual process as it takes practice to tune in, to focus, and then receive such powerful knowledge from Endless Energy through a human’s mind. Sometimes a human’s limited vocabulary slows down the connection during focused thinking.

No Limitations to Universal WisdomThose who seek Universal Wisdom for selfish reasons are not restricted from doing so. There is no person dictating terms of use. There is Endless Energy sustaining life, and a Higher Order, Collective Consciousness base of knowledge which is Universal Wisdom.Those who think they can find magic somehow, through “Source Energy” or “Infinite Intelligence” by gaining lottery numbers, or acquiring a new house or car, or something else, usually are disappointed as they are not looking for wisdom – they are seeking instantaneous relief, solutions, and results.That is not a question for Universal Wisdom and even if the knowledge came to a person for how to acquire one of these items, they likely would not be listening for wisdom, only quick answers and magical solutions.A True Path to Fulfillment: Accessing Universal WisdomA person who is on a quest to find fulfillment in their life, who wants to evolve, understand, grow, live, create, travel, write, paint, create, and so on – they will be the ones who easily access Universal Wisdom and gain knowledge and wisdom. The wisdom received may be small insights, or life altering moments of awakening.A person can receive Universal Wisdom even when they do not understand fully what it is they are receiving. For example, a deeply religious person calls it God and prays that they receive insights and believe when it happens that it was from God. They then live a happy life. The wisdom they received came in through a disguise. However, this person will not live a truly authentic life by receiving wisdom in this manner, but they still have access to Universal Wisdom just like every other human.Anyone reading this now is likely to already be on a path of enlightenment, or awakening to their truth. You are already beginning to understand your connection to the source of life, and your journey has led you here.You have direct access and you can continue to nurture this connection as part of your journey. A teacher is also important as you can learn from someone who is highly practiced in focused thinking and likely to be further along in their journey. A teacher can help you learn about the valuable Laws of the Universe as well, which will guide you in your journey, until one day you have become the teacher yourself.